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These were made from 1851-1857. Only around 1,000 were made. The caliber is .31 with a six shot cylinder and a five-inch-barrel. The finish is blue and case hardening. To remain in business and not infringe on Colt's revolving cylinder patent, this model was made with a hand-revolved cylinder. It has a button placed inside the trigger guard just ahead of the trigger and a Maynard automatic nipple priming devise was added. In order for the cylinder to rotate, you had to push the button and manually turn the cylinder. The markings are as follow, on the topstrap it says MASS. ARMS CO / CHICOPEE FALLS, on the barrel it says PAT.NOV.26,1850; and on the door of the Maynard primer you will usually find an American eagle and shield with the markings MAYNARD'S PATENT SEP. 22, 1845. 200 of these were sold to John Brown in 1857. They were originally shipped to a farm in Ohio and then shipped to him in Kansas, 1859. The action is just as it ought to be. Everything works as it should.
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