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This Philadelphia Deringer is around a 45 caliber. The barrel is two-inches long. Overall length is about six-inches. There are two gold bands around the breech plug. It is correctly marked on the lock plate and the breech plug. You will also find a P on the left side opposite the hammer. Be sure and notice the butt of the pistol. It has a patch box which you don't see very often on these. The pistol is tight. No half-cock. Philadelphia Deringers were made with rifled iron barrels and a separate screw-in breech plug and had a faux Damascus browned finish. Their back-action locks, which were marked "Deringer, Philadela," were case hardened and engraved. Regardless of size, each gun's furniture--such as the side plates, nose caps, trigger guards and escutcheons--were made of engraved German silver. The walnut stocks are checkered. Deringer sold his guns nationally through a number of agents.
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